Who We Are

Welcome to Mitre & Muse Studio! It all started around a decade ago when I became dissatisfied with the quality and cost of commercially available frames. Determined to find a solution, I decided to explore woodworking as a personal pursuit.

Initially, my main motivation was to create beautiful frames for my talented artist wife, Lisa Speers. I wanted to provide her with high-quality, custom frames that would truly showcase her artwork. As I delved deeper into the world of woodworking, I discovered my own passion for art and decided to pickup a paintbrush as well. This blend of craftsmanship and artistry became the foundation of Mitre & Muse Studio.

Soon I started sharing my creations with a growing network of friends, family, and fellow artists. It was incredibly rewarding to see how my work could enhance their own artistic expressions.

Mitre & Muse Studio represents the culmination of my journey as both a woodworker and an artist. My goal is simple — to produce exceptional Canadian-made wood products that support and inspire the art community. I firmly believe that every artist deserves to have their work presented in a frame that truly complements and elevates their vision.

At Mitre & Muse, our mission is to craft exceptional woodcraft products that cater to the needs of artists while remaining accessible and affordable. Each product is carefully created with a deep passion for woodworking and art at its core.

Thank you for visiting my site. Feel free to explore and find the right products for your own artistic adventure!


- Jason Speers

Mitre & Muse Studio