How long does it take to prepare my order?

We make each frame and panel on a per-order basis, so we will require 3-4 weeks lead-time to prepare your order for shipping.

Do you offer shipping for your products?

Yes, absolutely! Shipping is our preferred method of delivery. However, please note that for some of the larger sizes, the shipping costs can be higher. For more information, kindly refer to our "Shipping" page.

Is local pickup or delivery an option?  

For pickup yes, we are located in Chester, Nova Scotia.  Occasionally we make bulk deliveries to the Halifax, Lunenburg, or surrounding areas of NS.  We'll post on social media in advance when we do. Send us a message to inquire!

Can we customize our order?

Certainly!  We’ve simplified and standardized some of the frame finishes and sizes, but other options are available.  Contact us to learn more about customizations.